2005’s Top Ten Items On Skateboarding.com

After hours of site analysis by starving, underpaid interns and even a trained howler monkey we smuggled in from Costa Rica, we’ve compiled the top ten items on skateboarding.com in 2005. Some were numerically chosen by the computer, and others were simply events and videos we wanted to relive. So enjoy this collection in between your next MySpace/internet porn browsing session. Stay tuned, ’06 is sure to be a banger.

From everyone here at TransWorld SKATEboarding, have a safe and happy new year!

In no particular order…

1. Ronson Lambert’s Rainy Days
Little Ronny Lambert puts in serious time at the Syndrome TF. During a rare rain streak in SoCal last winter, he busted out the video camera for a couple days and put some jaw-droppers on film with only the help of flatbars and benches.

2. Shiloh Greathouse’s First Love Trailer
The teaser for the part that set the stage for Shiloh’s full scale comeback in 2005. No comply frontfoot impossible over a bench? Missing his Grandma’s funeral to skate? Now that’s dedication. It’s good to have you back, Shiloh.

3. Baker 3 Premiere
When Steve Clare rented a full size charter bus to take 30+ shitbags from San Diego to Hollywood for the Baker 3 premiere in August, we knew it was going to get ugly. Unlimited beers, a Radio Raheem sized boombox, nonstop dice games—yeah, Pandora’s bus, basically.

4. Lost Greco Video Part
Jim Greco sent us a re-edit of his Baker 3 part set to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Many say it’s better than the original. Either way, it’s worth another watch.

5. Tampa Am 05 Finals Video
Tampa Am is always a highly anticipated proving ground. Watch the video and realize what’s become of some of these youngsters in just 365 days.

6. Tampa Pro 05 Finals Video
Dennis Busenitz—your favorite skater’s favorite skater.

7. Pin Up Of The Month: October
They’ve all been popular, but Melissa had something that put her Pin Up over the top—well two things, really.

8. Slam City Jam
Oh, Canada. It’s always a good time in beautiful Vancouver. Tons of free public skateparks, 19 is the drinking age, you get the picture.

9. Rob Dyrdek/DC Skate Plaza Opening
Truly groundbreaking. Thanks, Rob.

10. Marseille
One of those contests you have to experience before you’re too old. TNT and the local French skaters going straight bonkers, and Duncan just being Duncan. While you’re at it, check out Ortiz’s photos from France as well.