2006 Active Bling Fest

Late November means nothing weather-wise in Rancho Cucamonga. With temperatures in the 90s on Saturday, the skaters were truly putting in work to get part of the cash that was up for grabs—10 Gs in hundred dollar bills handed out by none other than The Muska and Braydon Szafranski. Even Boosh showed up the day after his 21st birthday celebration. By the look of his face, you’d have guessed it was his 31st, but I digress. The street course was great with a small double set with hubbas and a double kink rail, a larger double set with a rail and hubba, an enourmous hip of death, and a hyphy bank similar to the one at the Downtown Showdown. I think “hyphy bank” might be the new go-to description for any bank to wall at contest from now on.

So the format of the contest went like this—there were four best trick jam sessions on the four main obstacles on the course. Any good trick that went down got an instant hundred dollar bill from the aformentioned skate celebrities. Hell, even Bishop Don Magic Juan was handing ’em out for a hot second. Check the footage to see some of the bangers—Robert Lopez-Mont, Andrew Reynolds, Fabrizio Santos, Ryan Sheckler, etc. you name it, they were there killing it. Dennis Busenitz gets a special shout out because on the first obstacle, he went towards the double-set, ollied up the hubba, then ollied off into a super-tight bank off the side of the run-up—gnarly.

After the last jam session, the judges narrowed the field down the the five best dudes to have a final session. The top five were Ryan Sheckler, Terell Robinson, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, and Billy Marks. This was when these guys really showed their star power. With all the randoms out of the way, these guys laid waste to the big double-set/rail/hubba combo. Terell did a flawless 360 ollie kickflip down it, Reynolds kickflip noseslid the rail and did huge kickflips on the quarter pipe. Billy Marks got his 360 boardslide on the rail, and Sheckler did everything down the double-set and on the rail. But you can’t forget Busenitz. I’m not going to waste time describing what he did, because since photos and videos just can’t seem to translate his speed, consistency, and spontaneity, neither can words. (Watch the attached video!) He’s just too gnarly, and it’s hard to grasp that unless you see him skate in person. But that’s exactly why he won, and no one was arguing.

So Busenitz picked up another 2,000 in cash, in addition to all the Benjis he’d accumulated earlier in the day, got a custom iPod and some other goodies and another Bling Fest was in the books. Cheers to Active (Shane, Erica, and everyone else) for a job well done. If you missed it, you blew it.—Blair Alley

The Final Results

1. Dennis Busenitz ($2,000)

2. Andrew Reynolds ($1,000)