2007 AST Dew Tour: Panasonic Open PHOTOS

The first stop in this year’s AST Dew Tour popped off this morning in Baltimore, Maryland (home of Bucky Lasek and Rodney Jones) and there was some serious thrashing thrown down. Vert practice and Vert qualifiers got started at the crack ‘o dawn in perfect 85-degree weather, but you won’t be seeing many flicks… I pretty much stuck to the Street Park course the whole day. But don’t be sour vert dogs: I snapped a portrait of tranny legends Chris Miller and Tony Magnusson. Hopefully that’ll tide you over.

The Street Park was overseen by MC Dave “Daggers” Duncan while the Dew Tour regulars (Sheckler, P-Rod, Jereme, and the Brazilians) shredded below. A few expected riders were no-shows though: Nyjah Huston was no where to be seen, contest local Chad Bartie was AWOL, and rail technician Billy Marks was absent too. But these flakes didn’t put a damper on a day of heated ripping; in fact, I’m sure the fellas were psyched Nyjah missed the boat, because that lil’ prodigy is stiff competition.

Just as the second heat started rolling, so did the east coast thunderstorms. The rain didn’t last too long, but it left the Park and Vert areas soggier than a year-old deck. But an hour later, the Dew crew dried everything off with brooms and leafblowers, so the shredding rusumed… for another 40 mintues ’til it started raining again. So while we’re waiting for the Skatelite to dry off, go ahead and chomp on TODAY’S SLIDESHOW. Tomorrow’s should be just as ill.



1) Rodolfo Ramos
2) Austen Seaholm
3) Ryan Sheckler
4) Tulio de Oliviera
5) Dayne Brummet
6) Carlos De Andrade
7) Jereme Rogers
8) Fabrizio Santos
9) Kurtis Colamonico
10) Mike Peterson
11) Greg Lutzka
12) Mathieu Therres
13) Paul Rodriguez
14) Jason Barr
15) Wagner Ramos
16) Danny Fuenzalida
17) Jesse Landen
18) Rodney Jones
19) Pete Eldridge
20) Nilton Neves
21) Kyle Berard
22) Anthony Shetler
23) Danny Morrin
24) Chris Cudlipp
25) Casey Macdonald