2007 Back To The Banks


AUGUST 11, BROOKLYN, NYC — It’s the day after the contest, I’m still half asleep (every night is an all-nighter in New York), and my brain isn’t really working right now as I try and figure out how to start this story. So, to make my life easier, I’m just going to give you the need-to-knows of this year’s Back To The Banks contest at the Brooklyn Banks.

Need-to-know number one: The Brooklyn Banks is one of the hardest spots to skate. You’ve seen footage of it for years, but until you actually go there, see how rough the bricks are, how steep the banks are, and how shitty to runway is, you can’t truly understand how gnarly any trick there is.

Need-to-know number two: Jake Duncombe’s backside noseblunt on the jump-ramp to barrier was probably the most amazing trick to go down the entire day. It might have been something in the way he slid it, how few tries it took, or just how stylish is was, but once he rolled away into the swarm of kids surrounding the spot, the crowd exploded like a nuclear bomb. Giving Jake first place on the barrier was the easiest decision of the day.

Need-to-know number three: I should probably tell you how the contest works. It’s broken up into four different best trick jam sessions on four different parts of The Banks. First it was the wallride pillar, then to the jump-ramp to barrier, then to the bank-to-ledge, and finally, the rail. First place paid $1,000 and a couple more Gs were given out to dudes that were ripping, but couldn’t quite get the best trick—like Willy Akers, he rips.

Need-to-know number four: With the Volcom team finishing up their Let’s Live premiere tour in NYC this weekend, almost the entire team was at the Banks. I already told you about Jake, but Dennis Busenitz was full speed at the barrier, Brandon Westgate was all over the pillar, and Nick Dompierre was on the rail.

Need-to-know number five: Anything else you need to know is in the video and the photos, so check ’em out.


Wallride Pillar
Jimmy McDonald

Jump-Ramp To Barrier
Jake Duncombe

Billy Rohan

Manny Santiago