2007 Panasonic Open Street Finals MEGA SLIDESHOW

(BALTIMORE, MD) — Defending 2x AST Dew Tour champ Ryan Sheckler started off this year’s series with a bang, sealing first place in yesterday’s Panasonic Open Street Park finals. Shecks maintained his typical consistency throughout the contest, eventually ending up in the Top Six with last week’s MASA pro champ Greg Lutzka, Rodolfo Ramos, Baltimore local Mathieu Therres, Austen Seaholm, and Brazilian contest vet Carlos de Andrade. From there, all six finalists got to rumblin’ in a two-part free-for-all jam session. Midway during the session, Austen Seaholm went down for the count with a leg injury, or as he put it, an “I can’t move my leg” injury. Ouch. As the remaining five finalists continued jousting, it was Sheckler, Lutzka, and De Andrade who ended up in the 1, 2, and 3 spots. Based on their efforts, Shecks came away with 100 points, Lutzka with 75, and Mr. Luva Luva with 63–all of which count as part of the AST Dew Tour’s grand points total, summing up with the PlayStation Pro in October.

Make sure you CLICK THE SLIDESHOW to the left for all the Street Finals footy. And here are the official results…


1) Ryan Sheckler
2) Greg Lutzka
3) Carlos de Andrade
4) Rodolfo Ramos
5) Mathieu Therres
6) Austen Seaholm
7) Kurtis Colamonico
8) Dayne Brummet
9) Mike Peterson
10) Fabrizio Santos
11) Jereme Rogers
12) Tulio de Oliviera
13) Paul Rodriguez
14) Jason Barr
15) Wagner Ramos