2007 Red Bull Manny Mania: NYC


Sunday, August 12—Ryan Clements said it best: “This is no Venice, Joey. With Brandon Biebel, Ronnie Creager, Dennis Busenitz, and Jereme Rogers all showing up for the contest under the Manhattan Bridge, Joey was given a run for his manualing money. This wasn’t like the first Manny Mania a couple of months ago in Venice, CA when Joey won first and the ten grand. Everybody was on point and out to get the golden Red Bull goblet. And in the end, as Joey, Biebel, and Ronnie battled it out in the finals, Ronnie Creager landed first place and took home the ten grand while Biebel and Joey followed in second and third.

With hip-hop blasting all day and New York locals chilling outside contest under the bridge, the final Manny Mania was the perfect New York setting. East coast skaters were representing the entire day. Zered Bassett was chillin, Josh Kalis, Eli Reed, and Forrest Kirby were ripping the manual, and Steve Rodriguez, after a day of running Back To The Banks, was on the mic along with MCs Ryan Clements and Brian Schaefer.

Creager was pulling out the craziest combos on the small manual like his nollie backside flip to switch nose manual body varial out and his kickflip nose manual to nollie 360 shove-it out. Both went down early on in the contest when things were just starting to heat up. Biebel had the style and the pop. Almost everything he went for was on the big manual pad and was fully popped, caught, and balanced like nobody else can. And Joey, feeling the pressure of the heavy hitters in New York, was still firing off all his classic back tails to switch mannys and inward heels to mannys, but just didn’t have the two-wheeled combos of Biebel and Creager.

Creager took home the Manny Mania golden goblet, the ten grand, and the official unofficial title as the Manny Champion.


1) Ronnie Creager – $10,000
2) Brandon Biebel – $6,000
3) Joey Brezinski – $4,000
4) Eli Reed – $3000
5) Malcom Watson – $2,000
6) Jereme Rogers – $1,000
7) Kenny Anderson – $1,000
8) Dennis Busenitz – $1,000
9) Forrest Kirby – $1,000
10) Enrique Lorenzo
11) Daniel Castillo
12) Rob Gonzalez
13) Chris Roberts
14) Josh Kalis
15) Chico Brenes