2007 Swerve Festival Photo Explosion

(LOS ANGELES, CA) -- The first-annual Swerve Festival kicked off on Friday for a weekend-long explosion of art, skate/surf/dirt culture, and all things uniquely West Coast. Yeah, we’re proud of what we do out here on the westside, so why not celebrate our complete and utter superiority? That’s sort of what FuelTV, festival director Jonathan Wells, and art curator Aaron Rose (of Beautiful Losers fame) had in mind when they threw this shindig. Kidding aside, the vibe permeating the festival wanders far beyond California–in fact, you’re probably reading this well outside of Cali, and maybe even well outside of America. That’s precisely the spirit Swerve was set out to embody: Yeah, we love our boardsports, but we do a lot of other interesting things too--all of which is shared across the world.

So without burning your corneas any longer with this painfully small type, here’s a quick rundown of the festival’s highlights: (AND BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE SLIDESHOW BELOW TO THE LEFT!)

–The west-coast premiere of Steve Berra’s movie The Good Life (a little weird/random/lugubrious in some parts, but over all pretty good!)

–The U.S. premiere of The Man Who Souled The World, Beautiful Losers, and the new Joy Division flick Control

–Live performances by We Are Scientists, Snowden, St. Vincent, Bonde do Role, and Thee More Shallows

–New art by Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, Matt Leines, Chris Pastras, Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, Terry Richardson, Chris Johanson, and more

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