(Photography by Aaron Smith and Carleton Curtis)

The world-famous Lockwood Elementary playground and banks set the stage for 2008’s DC King Of L.A. am showdown. Things started off at the buttcrack-‘o-dawn and I still can’t believe how many skateboarders showed up at 9 a.m.—truly miraculous. But it didn’t take long for all 64 young bucks to start flicking king-sized tricks. Ray Maldonado, Trevor McClung, Nick Mullins, Kirk Rocha, Moose, Cesar Fernandez, Billy Davenport, and Nick Merlino all had standout days at Lockwood, annihilating the bump-to-bar, various flatground obstacles, and the marquee bank to bench. To see the first half of the day for yourself, check out the slideshow, sequences, and complete results below… (the Belmont photos are coming soon)—Carleton Curtis

King Of Los Angeles 2008: Nick Merlino

Lockwood Elementary (banks and street obstacles)
1st Place ($1,000) – Ray Maldonado
2nd Place ($500) – Kirk Rocha
3rd Place ($400) – Ricky Webb
4th Place ($300) – Billy Davenport
5th Place ($200) – Dwayne Fagundes
6th Place ($100) – Cesar Fernandez


Cesar Fernandez backtail 270 out the hard way.


Nick Marlino taking a different route with this tall hippy jump.


Nick Merlino, bump to noseblunt to fakie.


Moose bump to frontside boardslide bigspin out.