2009 Pro-Tec Pool Party Photos

All the results are here, so sit back and enjoy these amazing photos from Chris Ortiz.

Bucky, backside lipslide through the corner.

Bucky, heelflip frontside air.

Lincoln Ueda.

Pedro Barros.


The legendary Chris Miller.

Christian Hosoi.

Omar Hassan, 540.

Josh Borden.

“Oh, hot stepper…”

Rune Glifberg with an aggressive frontside air.

Steve Caballero got a cake to celebrate 20 years of the Cab shoe on Vans.

Tony Mag.

Bob Burnquist, lien to tail.

Steve Van Doren has a posse.

Women's podium: Julie Kindstrand.

Hosoi, Miller, and Duncan.

Rune, Bucky, and Omar.

Steve Cab winning the longest boardslide.

Eddie Reategui had a good run at it too.