Here’s the official video entry for Skate & Create II from DC. See the photos from In The City in our October issue and for more photos and videos from 2009’s Skate & Create contest, click HERE.

Intro by Mike Blabac, DC Shoes Staff Photographer
Basically our idea was to re-create cities by simply printing our black-and-white backdrops, and make the supplied obstacles look like real skate spots. We kept everything really simple to the point of being ghetto at times not to overproduce it and make it as skate as possible. I shot some DC catalog portraits a while back in front of black and white backgrounds and decided to shoot a few skate photos in front of them for sh-ts, and I thought they looked cool. So a few people at DC just took that idea and ran with it by adding two-dimensional elements to the foreground and had a lot fun with it. I especially like the rats. I liked Phelps too, but I'm not too sure how he'll like it. Hopefully he takes it as a compliment being he's such a staple of skating in S.F. even though we fucked up, and he's only four feet tall! We didn’t mean anything by it at all-we're just not too pro at making sets. Just skate shoes. Sorry, Jake.

DC Teamriders: Danny Way, Ryan Smith, Josh Kalis, MVP Nick Dompierre, Wes Kremer, Marquis Henry.
Video Director Mike Poore

Embeddable version of the video is below.

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