Every day until the end of 2009, we'll be recapping the year that was in skateboarding. Day in and day out, we’ve had skateboarding’s best skaters, and exclusive content you keep coming back to. So here's a little reminder of what went down way back in January of 2009:

picture-44 Tyler Brick Video Checkout: Video Checkouts are always hot, Tyler Brick’s raised many an eyebrow in January

picture-54 The (Is) Jose Rojo Going Pro (?) Interview: Jose did indeed go pro in January. Peep the interview Dave Ashley did with him and reminisce with his Back Of Suck part.

picture-63 Park Spotting, Oceanside’s MLK: One of the many new parks to open in Oceanside, California in 2009; the Martin Luther King Skatepark gets a once over with Anthony Schultz, Jay Thorpe, Sammy Baca and more.

picture-71 Sk8mafia Saturdays: Best Of 2008: The beloved Sk8mafia dropped this full length Web exclusive video featuring the whole team.

picture-81 A Malto Minute: Sean Malto put it down at the ROPO park in Kansas City.

picture-91 Flip team at Zumiez Couch Tour: Luan, David G, Curren, Louie, Lance, and more ripped it up in this video that went live on New Year’s Day.

picture-101 Crossroads Best Trick Contest: The Crossroads contest from last January had a Best Trick down the 11. Carlin, Pott, Cole, Sierra, and more went off.

picture-112 Wednesday Woes are always a hit—pun intended. The Woe on January 7 got the most hits.

picture-122 January 8 Thursday Theater introduced the world to the kickflip one-foot backside Smith on a handrail. No joke.