Every day until the end of 2009, we'll be recapping the year that was in skateboarding. Day in and day out, we've had skateboarding's best skaters, and exclusive content you keep coming back to. So here's a little reminder of what went down way back in September of 2009:

picture-117 Top Ten Brutal Wednesday Woes: We did a little year-long recap in September and not surprising, you guys ate it up. It’s worth revisiting for the go kart slam alone.

picture-222 Skate & Create II Wrap Up: In case you missed any of the amazing videos, we wrapped them all up here.

picture-320 What’s Next?: Sean Malto: Anything Malto is sure to be a hit. He’s damn near perfect. Check out his What’s Next from September.

picture-511 Crossroads Best Trick Highlights: The Crossroads Tradeshow in September had a hell of a best trick comp on the double set. Cole, Carlin, and Pott went off. Check the recap.

picture-69 Rodolfo Ramos wins Dew Tour Salt Lake: The Dew Tour in September took place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rodolfo beat out Cole, Dompierre, Decenzo, and more. Don’t forget to check the Best Trick video here.