After the dust cleared and some amazing skating went down at the 2010 Damn Am contest at Volcom, Kyle Walker came out on top and took first place out of the top 12 skaters who battled it out in the finals this afternoon. Kyle skated the whole course with speed and style. He put together some cool lines and had a gnarly trick selection. Flip’s Louie Lopez grabbed the second place spot and Anthony Estrada took third place.

Following the finals, the best trick contest went down on the big bank to wall. After over 20 minutes of people getting wrecked and some sick stuff going down, David Loy grabbed first place with a huge launch out of the quarter pipe into a smith grind stall onto the very top railing and and gapped back into the bank.

Check out the full results and more at the Damn Am website.

The top 5:
1. Kyle Walker
2. Louie Lopez
3. Anthony Estrada
4. Anthony Schultz
5. Alec Majerus

Filmed and edited by Chris Thiessen.