Thursday August 12 was the big night we invited all the crews from adidas, Fallen, etnies, and Lakai down to our skatepark to unveil the photos and videos from this year’s Skate & Create, and to announce the winner via an oversized cover. Beer and fish tacos were flowing as were Skin’s iPod mix and and open session in our park for the first couple hours. Our photo studio was opened first so everyone could peruse the skills of Seu Trinh (adidas), Dave Chami (Fallen), Oliver Barton (etnies), and Mike O’Meally (Lakai). After an opening address from Skin, the videos premiered to a spellbound crowd. MVPs were then presented to each team with a framed photo: Nestor Judkins for adidas, Tommy Sandoval for Fallen, Jose Rojo for etnies, and Vincent Alvarez for Lakai. Then the cover was revealed and Lakai was awarded this year’s winner. We’re already looking forward to next year as Lakai will be going up against three new teams.

Photos by Sam Muller


The adidas crew showed up first.


In the photo studio, the exhibit was prefaced with our first issue from 1983. Steve Caballero on the cover with words “Skate & Create.”


etnies’ photos by Oliver Barton.


Fallen’s photos by Dave Chami.


Our editor Josh Brooks taste-testing the Primo brew. You may see this guy in NYC frequently for the next few years.


Lakai’s hot photos by Mike O’Meally.


Kyle Leeper and Oliver Barton collab once again.


Marc Ritzma peeping Lakai’s flicks.


Silas Baxter-Neal and Nestor Judkins outside. Big thangs coming from these two in the pages of TransWorld real soon.


etnies’ throwback visionaries: Ollie Barton and Benny Maglinao.


Mike O’Meally and Mike Carroll brimming with anticipation.


Sam Newman, MJ, and Rick Howard shake the butterflies before the premiere.


Sam Newman and Ty Evans in the photo studio.


Grass gap complete with optional Euro and iPod dock. Not bad. However the podium was a bit of a skate stopper that night.


Bossman and MC Skin Phillips dressed for the occasion.


At the end of the night, Skin gave Dennis a print straight off the wall.


Co-host Jamey Stone, etnies MVP Jose Rojo, and a dude who’s welcome here anytime, Chris Haslam.


The winner revealed!


Ty Evans, Jordyclot, and more accepting the big win.