2010 Vans Downtown Showdown Part One: Pretzel Grip Obstacle

The 6th annual Vans Downtown Showdown was crazy. This year, Foundation, Zero, Black Label and the Pretzel grip aka Beauty & The Beast teams each built a gnarly obstacle at the Paramount studios back lot that is a replica of a New York City block. 8 of the top teams in skateboarding battle it out against each other on each obstacle. At the end of the evening, Girl and Anti-Hero (Pretzel Grip) came out on top and claimed $30,000. Vincent Alvarez completely destroyed all the obstacles he skated and was named top pro and pocketed $7,500. Foundation’s Nick Merlino claimed the top am spot and $7,500 as well.

Overall Team Results: See full results here
1. Girl/Anti Hero (Pretzel Grip)
2. Zero
3. Powell Peralta
4. Element
5. Foundation
6. Blind
7. Black Label
8. Toy Machine

The first obstacle is from Pretzel Grip. The idea behind it is speed. It is a time trial with everyone racing to have the fastest time flying through the course figure 8 style. Stay tuned for the other 3 obstacles from Black Label, Zero and Foundation tonight and tomorrow right here at skateboarding.com.

Pretzel Grip Obstacle Skater Results:
1. Omar Hassan
2. Steven Reeves
3. Nolan Monroe
4. Tony Miorana
5. Tyler Mumma
6. Tony Trujillo