Ending Blueprint’s Skate & Create week on a crisp note, check out this gallery of Oliver Barton photos from its effort—shot on film! Portrait art direction by Keegan Callahan.

Paul Shier

Paul Shier, backside Smith grind.

Danny Brady

Danny Brady, backside bluntslide.

Marty Murawski

Marty Murawski, kickflip to fakie.

Kevin Coakley

Kevin Coakley, switch backside five-O.

Nick Jensen

Nick Jensen, switch ollie.

Jon Nguyen

Jon Nguyen, frontside boardslide pop out.

Sylvain Tognelli

Sylvain Tognelli, backside five-O.

Nick Jensen

It was cold out there.

The beginning stages of the LAX bank spot.

Mark Stewart keeping warm.

Marty gettin’ Bondo’d.

Shier and Jensen putting in work.

Danny Brady tailslides with Mark Stewart in hot pursuit.

The genesis of this spot.

Footy check.

Shier watches for cars.



Authentic Mexican food, you can’t get this in Boston.