For the last few years, there have been two kinds of people in the world—those who knew who Cyrus Bennett is, and those who did not. For us, the infatuation started with Looney Bin. Nick Von, Quartersnacks, and Johnny Wilson opened the window for us to witness the skating of the Colorado-bred, New York transplanted speed demon with an eye-searing kickflip. Cyrus seemed to be the most criminally underrated skater for years, but we kept watching, and waiting for the world. Well, 2017, among its highs and lows, was the year that gave Cyrus his due. As this category demands a chronological hit list, let’s recap:

May 1: Our May-June issue hits newsstands and Cyrus is on the cover launching a hairy rooftop Ollie to bank while on Nike SB’s East 58 Tour.
June 21, Go Skateboarding Day: Cyrus hits the LES park in NYC with NIKE SB and TWS shredding and spreading the stoke.
September 17, aka, 9-17: The long awaited full-length from AO’s gang hits the web, fully downloadable, and for free. Cyrus’ part doesn’t disappoint, and it’s worth mentioning the video was hotly in the running for Best Video of the year as well.
Still in September: Cyrus, Al Davis, and Andrew Wilson explored the Balkans on Red Bull’s dime, the article of which appeared in our May-June issue with a former soviet hoisted frontside Ollie from Cyrus that was cut-out-and-put-it-on-your-bedroom-wall-worthy.
October 10: The news hits. Dare we say overdue? Cyrus gets the pro surprise and we, in the TWS office, immediately agree he’s at the top of the heap for Best Rookie of 2017. We’d been waiting for this!
Also in October: Cyrus’ Nike SB Elite Squad part and Dunk colorway drop. Set to fiery punk rock, the gang was all here with guest tricks from 917 teammates Max Palmer, Nik Stain, Hugo Boserup, et al.
Still in October: Quartersnacks blessed us with the B-Sides 10ak mix to back up the 917 vid.
November: Cyrus has a proper, full-length interview in our Nov-Dec issue. The video clips of which you can see in his ripping 917 part.

2017 was definitely the year the Cyrus prophecy came to fruition—full household name status. Not to mention the dude has an industrial design degree from Pratt Institute and can make pop shove-its look banging. Through this banner year, if you could boil down his controlled gnar into one clip—his ender for his Nike Elite Squad part—one very short push, drop down grind, then Ollie over a spiked fence (!). A yell-out-loud trick burned in our minds all year. Can you dig it?