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Best Video

Well, here we are in 2018. I believe it was back in 2010 that we officially started to worry about the future of the full-length. Eight years on, while the medium has changed—tweaked to accommodate the new landscape of footage outlets, from YouTube to Instagram, in addition to the new means of footage delivery, from your “device” to your laptop—the full-length skate video is pleasantly alive and well. In fact, it seems like companies (most specifically board brands) have finally found the right balance—somewhere between a five-years-in-the-making mega-hyped opus and straight to the web raw footage dump—to keep the team video a relevant tool for many years to come.*

Krooked awards cromer
Brad Cromer, roll-on 50-50. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Andrew Peters

This year’s nominees included heavy hits from Palace, Lakai, Traffic, Birdhouse, Antihero, 917 and more but as the votes were tallied it was Krooked’s LSD (Let’s Skate Dude) filmed and edited by Tim Fulton is exactly the right balance for a full-length video in our day and age. It’s a tight little package—six full parts, split by four team travel montages (BCN/NYC/SM/SF), then sprinkled with Gonz—but not over produced. It also dropped straight to Krooked’s YouTube (with free DVDs in Krooked boards shrink-wrap) with little or no advance fanfare. Other than that, it’s just a good old-fashioned board company video.

Van Wastell (RIP) opens posthumously with his timeless style before Brad Cromer kicks out the windows to some Ween and Spiritualized. This might be Cromer’s best part yet. Before you can pick up your popcorn, Bobby Worrest dodges LOVE Gap launchers and tailslides to kickflip noseslide in perhaps the most successful mixed HD/VX part to date. Matt Gottwig’s back lip line ender at that classic SF spot definitively was legendary. The joked has always been that everybody fits on Krooked, but what truly makes LSD incredible (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide aside) is how almost every single rider has a completely different approach to skateboarding.

From there, you enter the holy trilogy of Ronnie Sandoval, Sebo Walker, and Mike Anderson. Again, I don’t think you could find a team with any more wildly different styles, but that’s exactly what makes LSD burn down the barn. And of course, Mark’s artwork and charisma are the exact personification (as well as the glue) of this scattershot eclecticism. Suffice to say all three deliver. Bt Mike Anderson went all in on this one. Seemingly out of nowhere. Tailslides to noseblunt slides, the Chicago seawall, and the kickflip noseblunt ender at Waterloo Oval in Sydney. Hot damn. LSD succeeds by keeping things simple—take an amazing team on paper, have each of them film pretty much their best part to date, wrap it all in one of the better soundtracks this side of Static II, season with Gonz—and presto! Video of the year! Congrats to Mark and all the Krooked heads.

*The hard copy might be another story.

*Brad Cromer Krooked pro-model and more!


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