3rd Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

Family, friends, and fans of Tim Brauch came together on Saturday October 13, 2001 at the Milpitas Vans Skatepark near Tim?s hometown of San Jose to skate and pay tribute to him in the way they believe he?d appreciate most–they skated their guts out for a day.

The loose contest format included unsponsored- and sponsored-am events in street, and an open pool jam that featured both pros and ams. About 100 skaters showed up to ride–some just to session, and others to watch, meet old friends, and just be a part of the festivities. Tim dedicated his life to his family, his friends, and to skateboarding, and this event has brought all of those elements together now for three years running.

The Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest is the brainchild of his closest friends, and primarily the result of the hard work of former sponsor Sessions Apparel. Under the Sessions umbrella, Tim and friend Salman Agah promoted the Este clothing line (?S? for Salman, and ?T? for Tim).

Among those present were Tim?s family, who gave a special award to the unsponsored am who best exemplified Tim?s no-holds-barred approach to skateboarding. The Brauch?s were close to many of Tim?s friends during his life, and remain an integral part of the NorCal skateboarding family.

The number of skaters who signed up for the contest far exceeded expectations, and the event concluded much later than anticipated. The highlights were the sponsored-am finals, in which every skater enjoyed the unbound support of the entire crowd, and the pool contest–a one-hour jam during which two or more skaters were often chasing each other around the bowl.

It?s clear that NorCal has no shortage of am street talent, though this was the only contest in the region for a long while. And the veterans of pool skating have not let up in their advanced thirty-something years (twenty-something Chris Senn was one youthful exception out there).

With stenciled banners surrounding the event with nicknames (?Beans?) and reminders (?Never Forget?), the theme has been expanded over the years to encompass all those skaters who?ve passed away. Memorial walls included photos of Phil Shao and Billy Strubing (brother of Foundation pro Justin Strubing), but remembrances weren?t limited to them alone. More than anything, the event was a time to celebrate each of those skaters? lives, and to appreciate the opportunity to skate together and just go for it.

Open Bowl Contest

1 Steve Caballero
2 Chris Senn
3 Chad Shetler

Sponsored Amateur Street

1 Jamie Telch
2 Corey Ryan
3 Nestor Judkins
4 Jerry Mraz
5 Casey Stewart
6 Tanner Zelinsky
7 Blane Barker
7 Doug Shoemaker
8 John Elway
9 Brandon Lane
10 Zach Richesin
11 Daniel Martinez
11 Emmanuel Guzman
12 Joe Ruiz
13 Ryan Grey
14 Roberto Aleman
14 Justin Williams
15 Roger Mihalko
15 Joe Red
16 Lance Trumble
17 Mario Guel
18 Zoli Szemeredi
19 Daryl Angel
19 Mike Hawk
20 Wes Tonascia
21 Joe Hutchison
21 Yseuke Ishii
22 Steve Storm
23 Jason Arnold
24 Matt Contrera
25 Crystal Solomon
26 Todd Stewart
27 Ralph Mendoza

Novice Unsponsored Amateur Street

1 Jerry Marshall
2 Josh Mattson
3 Thomas Flaherty
4 Arlen Tashiro
5 Onio Thompkins
6 Sean Walsh
7 Mike Peth
8 Julian Vela
9 Billy Halseth
10 Kevin Marcurio
11 Jymi Shores
12 Sebastian Runeare
13 Russell Mihalko
14 Grant Yoshido
15 Ramon Rivera
16 Will Friebel
16 Michael O’Leary
17 Kenneth Washington
17 Trevor Hooper
18 Tim Felipe
19 Jordan Joseffer
19 Michael Beddow
20 Ricky Thomas
21 Danny Nguyen
22 Garrett Frasca
23 Rudy Gueriero
24 Durrell Williams
25 Miguel Ochoa
25 Marvin Beckham
26 Joshua O?Reilly
27 Cody Horan
28 Clifford Dickinson
29 Ryan O’Reilly
30 Tony Nunn
31 Tuong Nguyen
31 John Panem
31 Stephaniie Fresnoza
32 Felipe Vega
33 Marcel Papp
34 Jon O?Keefe
35 Glenn Krone
36 Christopher Fresnoza