4th Annual Tim Brauch Jam and Contest

By George Crosland

Tim Brauch was unique. In skating he was a talented boy, one of the best. Tim was not in the sport just to collect checks; he loved the sport and life itself. Tim cared not whether he was first or tenth. He was just stoked to skate. Tim would be the first to encourage or help a bro. His death by heart attack shocked everyone in 1999. However, the spirit of Tim lives on through memories, a yearly jam, skatepark fund and museum display. For the jam every year, skaters from all over get together to honor Tim, skate, and have a lot fun. The Vans Park in Milpitas provided the venue and Sessions did the organization. Proceeds went to The Tim Brauch Foundation, which is raising dough for a skatepark. Tim’s family was on hand. We asked Tim’s mom what she thought about the event. “It’s really is an honor to know that so many people remember and think of Tim,” she said.

Check www.timbrauch.com for info on how to donate. It was just announced that some of Tim’s skategear would be shown in the Smithsonian institute for true imortalization.

In case you did not know, the Vans Park has terrain for every type of skater: bowls, street and ramps. The street contest for Ams was thrown during the day and in the evening was the open bowl contest. This was no ordinary contest. Good spirits and energy ran high; most people were more into having fun rather than worrying too much about winning. Things got hectic but all had fun, all day, man.

The ams had run of the whole street area. The contest was run by World Cup Skate and partially mc’d by Dave Duncan. Those guys do all the biggest contests: Olympics, Triple Crowns, X Games and so on. That is big time stuff for an Am. The un-sponsored Ams mostly got their ledge and rail on, not really using the whole park, but hey they are young bucks. The sponsored ams used the whole course and the top guys could give some veteran pros a run for their money. One Am, Roger Mihalko, skated in the street and bowl contest. He got 6th in street and was shreddin’ the bowls, but got snaked in the bowl or he would have been a contender on his longboard. Congrats to all who tried and had fun no matter what place they got.

By the time the bowl comp got rolling the place was in frenzy. The riders got one run on their own, then it was an hour long, survival of the fittest jam. The session was pure chaos and the crowd loved it. No rules, just have fun. Every run two to five skaters dropped into the bowl, whoever survived last, got a run. I am telling you the action was furious, folks. Every run had more action than a train wreck. Pete the Ox’s runs defied description, consisting of stuff you never thought possible in a bowl and making it. Street dog Frank Hirata was smooth in the cement bowl. Brewce Martin is from West “by god” Virginia, so you know he’s crazy. Brewce took out all spectators who stood near the edge with when his high-speed runs went awry. Chris Cook, from the infamous 80’s Alva team, is over 40 and still rips. Steve Caballero is sooo smooth. He was working airs and abusing the lip to third. Jimmy the Greek negotiated the chaos and stayed consistent for second. Up and comer Benji Galloway mixed old style power and speed with some new tricks, Benji took first. Look out for this guy. Overall it was an unbelievable day for all that participated. Much more than just a contest, many people showed up to skate during the day and pay their respects, not caring about a contest. The amount of positive energy was un-surpassed.

Unsponsored AM Street
1) Taner Lantou
2) Jon Butler
3) Nyjah Hustein
4) Brando Reboja
5) Steven Leong

Sponsored AM Street
1) Jeremy Morgan
2) Ben Cabreana
3) Brandon Leung
4) Jamie Telch
5) Casey Landaker
6) Roger Mihalko

Krux Best Trick, Street
1) Jake Palu
2) Jeremy Morgan
3) Kevin McGowan

Open Bowl Jam
1) Benji Galloway
2) Jimmy The Greek
3) Steve Caballero
Honorable Menttion
Pete The Ox, Dave Reul, Chris Cook (over 40), Brewce Martin, Frank Hirata, Don Fischer