Video interviews by Jason Dill. Filmed & edited by Jon Holland. Words by Mike O’Meally from our September 2011 issue.

In early 2006, Skin Phillips hatched a plan to get nine of the sickest ams together for a fun skate tour of the Australian Summer. You gotta hand it to the man—he has a knack for picking winners. Of that crew, all nine went on to be pro; three were Australia’s Skater Of The Year, and one took out this year’s TWS Reader’s Choice Award. Between them they have released some of the gnarliest video parts in recent years, and at the relatively young average age of 23, it’s really just the beginning of a new era of all terrain rippers.

So what better idea than to take them back to Australia five years later? Not only were the boys back in town, these boys had become men. The vibe was about fun and camaraderie, and since no individual companies were trying to pressure them for demos, signings, or a pint of blood, it was a chance for some top young pros to relax, skate together, and in the words of the legendary Shane Cross “just chill.”

Besides, a few of the original soldiers were missing: Brian Brown was hard at work in NYC, Alex Olson was hard at play in South America, and Shane Cross had since dropped into the spiritual Mega Ramp in the sky and was shredding a heavenly half pipe in another dimension. The lineup was two-thirds complete-with the addition of young bloods Wes Kremer, Mike Anderson, and Andrew Allen, as well as veteran pros AVE and Dill and local hotshot Sammy Winter—the crew was rolling thick. It’s amazing how things grow and change over five years. What will this mob be doing in another five? Only time will tell…