8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards

The 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding And World Cup Skateboarding Awards

Chad Muska, Dave Duncan, Jamie Thomas, Felix Arguelles, Mike York, Jason Ellis, Renee Renee, Tim O’Connor, Terry Kennedy, and Natas Kaupas. What does this group of skaters from every spectrum of skateboarding all have in common? All of them will be presenting awards at the 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding and World Cup Skateboarding Awards, on Thursday, June 1, 2006. If that’s not exciting enough, throw in all of the nominees, Legend Award recipient Mark Gonzales, and the world premiere of Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez’s newest TransWorld SKATEboarding video, A Time To Shine. Oops, I just dropped something, but it’s okay because this is Hollywood where names are dropped more than crappy rap albums in the new millennium.

We’re also proud to announce World Cup Skateboarding as a partner of the 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards! WCS has toured the globe on a grueling contest schedule, showing what it takes to make a world class competitor. Now it’s time to recognize the 2005 WCS winners. Dave Duncan, a skateboarding legend himself, will do the honors of presenting the much deserved hand-made trophies to the following recipients:

WCS World Rankings For 2005:

Number One In Street Category

Ryan Sheckler and Vanessa Torres 

Number One In Vert Category

Sandro Dias and Cara-Beth Burnside 

Number One In Concrete Bowl Category

Omar Hassan

Check out all WCS events and updates at wcsk8.com.

The official 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards nominees are:


Johnny Layton—Crushed spots all year and had the Am Spotlight in our mag.
Jereme Rogers—Put out a great part in nominated video Skate More and killed several pro contests.
Omar Salazar—Insane Am Issue cover drop in and nutter part in First Love.

Vert Skater

Jake Brown—Groundbreaking part in What If?
Pierre-Luc Gagnon—Won X-Games
Danny Way—Took on the Great Wall of China

Video Part

Chris Cole–New Blood—270 noseblunt Beverly and 360 flip Wallenberg.
Bryan Herman–Baker 3—Best hardflip in the game.
Daewon Song–Skate More—No one thought he could outdo his almost part—well.


Baker 3 — Baker—One of the biggest and well-respected teams delivered on huge expectations.
Skate More — DVS—Zered, Busenitz, HUF, Mikey Taylor, Dill, Daewon, and then some.
New Blood — Zero—Gnarly parts from the young bucks and Zero vets alike, plus a killer Mystery part. 

Street Skater

Dennis Busenitz—Won Tampa Pro, dropped parts in Roll Forever and Skate More at mach ten.
Chris Cole—Conquered Wallenberg, last part in New Blood, cleaned house at DC/Dyrdek’s Skate Plaza contest.
Daewon Song—Unbelievable last part in Skate More


BakerBaker 3, enough said.
Cliché—this international team was everywhere making us all envious of the spots/scene in Europe.
Zero—With this loaded squad of rippers, nothing is safe. 

Readers’ Poll

Dennis Busenitz
Chris Cole
Ryan Sheckler

2006 Legend Award

Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales. His skating, style, art, personality, and history have changed the face of skateboarding and embody what the Legend Award is all about. TWS will be honoring him and Natas Kaupas will be presenting him with the 2006 TransWorld SKATEboarding Legend Award.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who received an invitation, don’t lose it! You must have it to get through the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater doors. Dress to impress and get ready for a night to remember. Questions? Coontact jardine@twsnet.com

A big thank you to this year’s sponsors: World Cup Skateboarding, Plan B, Val Surf, Nike SB, and Red Bull!