Just when you thought our coverage of Tampa Pro 2010 was over, here are our favorite sequences from the weekend.

Photos by Blair Alley.


Your champion, Paul Rodriguez, who’s got every flip trick in the book dialed with precision. Nollie backside flip.


Aquil Brathwaite had these massive hardflips stomped every try.


The buzz about Torey Pudwill switching to Plan B was definitely the weekend’s hot topic. All gossip aside, you can’t fade this boy’s skills. The back 3 was no problem.


Pete Eldridge will always be the most street dude in any contest. I will also accept The God Kevin Taylor. Switch flip.


Nyjah, a few inches taller with dreads a few inches longer. Nollie frontside heelflip.


Sure you’ve seen this before, but Lutzka has this trick dialed so hard he doesn’t even pivot anymore.


Li’l Chaz Ortiz has put some meat on his bones since last we saw him in a contest. Kicky back lip.


Chaz again, nollie backside 270 heel.


You may have already seen this best-trick-winning back noseblunt by Millertime, but you can’t really get sick of this can you? He is a thug.