A 4-Cylinder Skateboard?

Honda will release the FUYA-JO which offers occupants a totally different ride than a conventional car. Instead of sitting deeply in seats, you enjoy the ride ”perched” in a semi-standing position. This unique vehicle was designed for fun on city streets and offers the fun and mobility of a skateboard. Just as skateboarders enjoy the freedom of cruising the streets with the wind in their hair, the FUYA-JO offers light handling and loads of fun. The tall and short seats take their shape from the skateboard, and the four semi-standing seats are ideal for occupants cruising the streets. All unnecessary features were removed from the design to give the FUYA-JO the ideal lightness and ease for enjoying urban streets. “This ‘Fun & Future” oriented city vehicle is an excellent option for the newer generation who want to enjoy a fun evening in a sleepless city.

Featuring a nightclub inspired interior which supposedly recreates a dance club atmosphere. Many unique elements such as a turntable steering wheel, dj instrument panel and speakers give the “cockpit” a dance club atmosphere. To top off all those features it includes a special skateboard rack. No word on as when the FUYA-JO will be released in the United States, I’m speculating that it will be only available in Japan. Why do they get everything fun?