Now that San Diego has made all the city parks free and laid off the pad nannies, we decided to go check out the Ocean Beach park. Jamey Stone, Mike Fitz, Allen Malone and myself got out of O'side and headed down south to meet up with Neil Heddings and Sam Hitz. We all met up in the morning for some "breakfast airs" as Neil called it. Tyler Surrey showed up and some other O.B park locals in attendance were Dave McKinney and Gabe, who used to run the door until he got laid off—now he just skates all day. There was even a Neil Blender sighting. The park is so much more fun now that you can come and go as you please and just hang out. Neil Heddings said he skates there every morning as part of his daily routine. After we skated for awhile we got some refreshments at the Tilted Stick and then Neil took us to an O.G. O.B. spot down the street from his house. The curbs on his street are monster and painted red. I wish they were in front of my house. Like Ice Cube said, it was a good day.—Joe Picciolo

Filmed by Joe Picciolo