A Pro And Their Cover: Danny Way


How did you feel when you saw this cover?

I’m always flattered to be on the cover of a magazine. At the time when this went down, it was such a step into a new direction that I really didn’t understand the magnitude of it until I saw it in TransWorld. My perception of what I accomplished that day was that I broke the record for the highest air. The cover shot was something I did as a sideshow to the day. It was funny that the helicopter drop was more of a shock than the world record.

Did you set out to get a cover or just break the record?

Unless a magazine calls me up and says, “Hey, we wanna shoot a cover with you, I might go for it. But I’ve only done that maybe once or twice. Ultimately, most of the stuff that comes out is authentic and not contrived.

How did the cover impact your career?

As far as the direction of my career, this was the biggest feat. It pushed the confidence of my supporters and my own confidence that this was something that could be expanded upon. It was a new platform for a new way of skateboarding.

If you knew Dan Sturt was there poaching the shot, would you have said something?

All that controversy is straight humor. I love Dan and I’ve always loved his antics. And as much as some people were pissed off about it, I wasn’t complaining that there was another article in Thrasher. It was what it was.

What do you think Ken Block would’ve done if he saw him hiding?

Ken Block was pissed. That was the biggest issue about the whole thing—he and Dan had a pretty big falling out about it. But the controversy just made everything more interesting. It was a story within a story. Hopefully Dan pulls some more sh-t like that in the future. I love it.

Do you think that cover set the standard for elaborately staged skate stunts?

I don’t know what everyone’s exact motivations are, but it’s made people think harder about what’s possible. This cover was so on the fly and it was a stunt, but out of all the contrived stuff we’ve done over the past ten years, this was the least contrived. It was almost accidental, like, “Maybe we should just jump off the chopper.

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