A Pro And Their Cover: Guy Mariano

A pro and their cover: Guy Mariano

Guy Mariano had two of the most talked about TransWorld covers at two very pivotal points in his career. First in November of 1997, and then again in May of 2006. Hear from the rarely-interviewed man himself how they really went down. Cheers, Guy!--Blair Alley

Do you remember how you found out you had the cover of TransWorld in 1997 (switch pop shove-it nosegrind)?

I asked Eric Koston to call Chris Ortiz to see if I could use the photo for a Fourstar ad and Eric told me TransWorld was going to use it for the cover. FYI, the magazine is on the rack when Phillip Seymour Hoffman is looking at magazines in the movie Happiness.

Who shot it?

Chris Ortiz

How did it impact your career at the time?

The photo earned me some street credit of being somewhat of a technical skater in the ’90s and I was psyched to be wearing one of our first Fourstar shirts on a TransWorld cover. That was some good exposure for the brand.

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding that sequence as there’s a disappearing boy in the background. Can you tell us the story behind it?

This is the first time I’ve heard of any controversy. Looking at the cover now and knowing that I can see what you mean. From what it looks like they probably pieced the photos to get the best frames of the trick?? I don’t know…can anyone help me out with this one?

Was the trick filmed?

No the trick wasn’t filmed. That cover holds a special place in my heart because it’s the only documentation of me doing that trick.

How did you find out you got the cover again in 2006?

I had just gotten back from Sacramento and Jason Callaway told me about it. But it was at night and I couldn’t get the magazine so I went online to check it out.

Who shot it?

Mike O’Meally

How did it affect your career the second time around?

I know it’s just my head, but sometimes I feel like people would prefer to see me doing something technical. I like to skate vert and I was really happy with that spot and the photo. It was cool that TransWorld hooked me up and threw me on the cover. Aside from my career, as you get older you’re more appreciative of coverage like that.

Were you consciously going for a cover shot on either of the two occasions?

I wasn’t consciously going out for the shots but this is how they worked out. The one in 1997, I went to the rail with Eric Koston. He was going to try a nollie flip or nollie heel crooked grind and he almost did it. I tried mine and got lucky. I think we got kicked out right after because that rail was a bust. In 2006, Lakai spent two weeks in Perth, Australia skating Wool stores. They have metal ledges that are a little higher than a curb. Fun for skating but not so much a good photo op. Morgan Cambell wanted to take us to a skate track/snake run that was built in 1976, the same year I was born. It was a far drive but I think it was one of the most fun sessions we had in those two weeks. Thanks, Morgan.