A Pro And Their Cover: Josh Kalis

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A Pro And Their Cover

Josh Kalis—Golden Gate Bridge, November 1995

How did you find out you had the cover of Transworld?

I honestly can’t remember. I think someone at TWS dropped a dime to me. I won’t give him up.

How did it impact your career at the time?

It was huge to me. I was am and on the cover—not to mention acover with Guy and Koston interviews in the same issue.

Who shot it?

Skin shot it.

Was the trick filmed?

Nope. The landing was real sh-tty. I think there was only five feet of landing, then there was dirt. It was strictly for the photo.

Were you consciously going for a cover on that day?

I don’t think so. But when we got there, we knew there was cover potential.

Skin said Lennie Kirk was there that day too. Any memorable Lennie Kirk moments that day?

Every time you’re with Lennie, there are memorable moments. However, I can’t think of one for that particular day. Welcome home, Lennie!

March 2002