A Pro And Their Cover: Steve Caballero

A Pro And Their Cover
Steve Caballero

May/June 1983
August 1987

When did you first catch wind that there was going to be a new skateboarding magazine coming out by the name of TransWorld SKATEboarding?
In the early 80s, I heard it was going to be focused on an opposite view of the current magazine, that their motto was going to be “Skate And Create versus the “Skate And Destroy attitude of Thrasher mag.

With the trivial north versus south skate beef back then, were you caught off guard by the fact that a San Diego mag put a San Jose kid on the cover of their first issue--or were you still on Tracker at the time?
Yes, I was still riding Tracker trucks at that time. As for the magazine goes, Larry Balma, J. Grant Brittain, Bryan Ridgeway, and Garry Scott Davis all had my back, I guess.

Did anyone clue you in to you potentially having the first cover?
No, it was a huge surprise when that first came out, and I was very honored to appear on the cover of the first-ever issue of TWS. It must have been all those loyal years of riding Tracker trucks in Nor Cal--Independent territory--and, of course, winning the Great Desert Ramp Battle that year in Palmdale, California.

How did it feel once you realized it was you on the cover?
Stoked, happy, excited, privileged, and honored.

How did the cover impact your career?
I’m sure it helped boost my career, grew my fan base/notoriety amongst skateboarders around the world, and pleased my sponsors as well.

Was the feeling better then, as you were a youngster, or is it better now, knowing that you were the beginning of what is the 25-plus year legacy known as TWS?
It’s definitely better now, because now I feel extremely blessed and give thanks to God daily for allowing me to keep a strong passion and love for this sport/lifestyle. He has also given me many opportunities over the years to touch so many people’s lives in a positive way, to give people a sense of hope, and encourage others to follow their dreams and passions within our industry. At age 42, it still amazes me that I’m able to tour and do demos, enter contests, shoot skate photos and video, while continuing to inspire young kids and old ones to have fun and enjoy skateboarding in a positive manner.

When you got the cover of the August 1987 issue, were you like, “Rad, I got another cover! Or were you like, “Damn, what’s the point if my photo’s so small?
No, I have never complained about being on the cover no matter how big the photo was, are you kidding? That’s the best kind of compliment anyone can experience in this scene. To have a magazine be so stoked on you that they want you to bear the cover of their magazine, that’s something not to take for granted by any means--that’s a blessing.

Steve Caballero also appeared on the cover of our June 1999 issue and TransWorld SKATEboarding’s 20th Anniversary issue.

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