A Red Questionmark

Author: Seu Trinh

Is this more than what you’re normally supposed to see … and hear?

Panoramic photography essay, questions, and no answers by Seu Trinh

Any number of things can trickle through the head of a photographer while he’s shooting a photo. It’s these thoughts that often go undocumented, and thus, go unheard. It’s all fine and dandy when the job is done and you see the pretty picture in the magazine you’re holding, so it’s also no wonder why it’s so easy for everyone, from editors in the office all the way down to you the reader, to overlook the process … and the thought process. As you’re about to see, it’s one comprised of lots of questioning from every possible angle, and for the first time it’s finally here for you to see-and hear.

Anonymous Skateboarder (big kid, opening spread)

Why do I like chubby kids?

Is it because I secretly want to be fat?

They’re really not that adorable, are they?

What’re his favorite snacks?

How many boards does he break?

Where did he come from, and where’s he going?

Chad Fernandez

How can you even try to back 50 this in a line?

Will this make it out before Gareth Stehr’s?

Why is he wearing that jacket in this heat?

How are we lasting at this spot for more than a half hour?

Would Chad be mad if he knew I waited for him to land it just to shoot a roll-away frame?

Brian Lotti

What is Brian smiling about?

Do other people get to photograph their childhood heroes?

What are the chances that there’d be skateboarders painted on the wall we came to skate?

How awesome is Lotti’s style?

Should I run this or his 360 flip photo?

Willy Santos

Why is the City Of Angels so empty right now?

What’s worse than skating a spot covered in human shit?

Driving up all the way from San Diego to do so, maybe?

Is Keanu Reeves on that bus?

Can Willy make it to the top?

Daniel Shimizu

How long did it take to paint that wall?

And how long before this random “good Samaritan” calls the cops?

Would the artist be pissed, or would he embrace our art?

What if the bees and tigers weren’t just a pretty picture?

Would we skateboarders still be so intimidating then?

Scott Johnston

What happened here?

Is he okay?

Should I get up and help or should I “document” this?

Will Scott hang on to that t-shirt or does it have “throwaway” written all over it?

Scott, one more time?