A Summer For Trick Tips

School was out, the weather was good, and you know you were skating your ass off. So did you learn anything new? If not, you should have been checking skateboarding.com for weekly updates of new trick tips. Here are the Top 10 from over the summer. If you haven’t mastered them all, get with it! Winter will be here soon.

1. Frontside Flips with Andrew Reynolds. It’s a no-brainer, The Boss has the best frontside flick so of course you’d want to learn from the master.

2. 360 Flips with Stefan Janoski. Another style king. Sure, you can learn 360 flips, but does your back foot get hangtime like Stefan’s?

3. Kickflip Noseslides with David Reyes. Foundation flow kid from Colorado came to Cali and got his trick tip shine on in the Ego Mob hot tub.

4. Nollie Kickflips with Mark Appleyard. Learn to pop these like Apples and you too can do them into crooked grinds on handrails.

5. Kickflip Nosemanuals with Brandon Biebel. Put your time in at that parking lot maual pad—Beebs did.

6. Varial Heelflips with Jimmy Astleford. We’re all anxiously awaiting Tangy’s Trick Tip for the fabled Party Ollie, but until then his buttery varial heels will have to do.

7. Pivot Fakies with Richard Angelides. Quite possibly the most stylish trick you can do on tranny. Get this wired as soon as possible.

8. Bigspin Pivot Fakies with Scott Kane. Our favorite rarely-seen ripper gives you the brief scoop on an advanced maneuver.

9. Backside 360 Ollies with Jay Thorpe. Legendary trick taught by a legendary San Diegan.

10. Front blunt shove-its with Mikey Prince. This one’s for NS Krue.