Josh Zickert In Medellin, Colombia

Our good friend, international man of travel, NYC playboy, Natural Koncept CEO and pro Josh Zickert just returned from a visit to Colombia. Much like David Gonzalez and the Volcom crew in our September issue, he found a country full of amazing skateboarding and colorful people. Read his report below and check out his slideshow. It’s almost as good as being there.

South America is poppin' off. Every time I see an article in a skate magazine featuring a trip there, I trip out on the spots. I had only been to Brazil before and was waiting for a chance to visit Colombia!
Our friend in NYC, Thomas Mejia is from Medellin and he was headed back to visit family this summer. We booked tickets and the 11-day extravaganza began a week later. We went right to see Daniel at Old School Skate Shop (NK distributor) to link up with the locals, booked a hotel down the street from the skate park and explored Medellin. The locals showed us all the gnarly spots and especially tricks that David Gonzalez had done over the years--wow! The exchange rate really favors the U.S. dollar (50-dollar/night hotel room suites) and your average meal at a restaurant was about five dollars. We took taxis throughout the city to skate all the spots, got our party on, and I scooped some last minute footy for the new Natural Koncept video.
Get out to Medellin. The locals are super cool, the food is amazing, and the spots rip!
Once the trip ended Thomas, Majors, and I all returned to the Big Apple. Nate Bozung stayed. It's been two months, so if you see him tell him to get back to NYC!


thanks to Pull-in for helping make this trip possible.