Ace In The Hole! The Mark Del Negro Interview.

Mark Del Negro, An adult in a kid’s body. Sure, on face value you may peg him as the “red headed stepchild”, but that’s just recycling some tired old saying. The guy possesses style comparable to the older crews within skateboarding. Mature. That’s a word to use for him. It can be difficult to make an impact in this day and age, but time tends to weed out the bullshit, so we’ll just have to wait and see about Mark. As for me, I got my money on this kid. – Cairo Foster.

So, its 2 AM in the morning, we had about 3 hours of sleep last night, skated Boston all day, didn’t eat, and you didn’t make the cut, how do you feel?

I feel great, I gotta do jack shit tomorrow

What’s up with your teeth?

I don’t know, that’s just the way God wanted me to be?

Lets get some back-round information, How many winters have you seen and where exactly are you from?

I’ve seen 15 winters and I’m from Wilmington, Delaware — Terrible!

What’s so terrible about Wilmington?

The weather, it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. And the girls, all the “fine ladies have boyfriends, and the ones that don’t are haters.

Do you think the girl problem has something to do with your Vulcan haircut and large teeth?

I never even thought about that (laughs).

Who gives you your goods?

Popwar, Nike, Ricta, Volcom, and Fairman’s

Lets do some Popwor’d association :
T.M. Paul Sharp – The Godfather (leader of all leaders)
Cairo Foster -Scarface (not saying that he’s ugly or anything)
Rob G — hyper
Chad TimTim – smooth
Kenny Reed — intelligent
Raymond Molinar – hater
Aaron Johnson — machine
I really don’t know Adam Crew or John Newport that well yet.

Damn! Did you really nose-bonk that light in Boston?

The picture says it all.

You’ve been to the West Coast a few times now, which do you like better?

I’d probably have to say the East Coast — I just feel more relaxed when I skate.

Whats up with your voice lately, you going through puberty or what?

(laughs) I guess so smart-ass!

Blonde or Brunettes?


Passive or Aggressive?


Second base or third base?

Dugout, I told you there were some haters.

Who or what inspires you?

Gino Ianucci, Anthony Papalardo, Rob Welsh, and the new Closure video.

So where do you usually skate?

We normally go to downtown Wilmington and skate Rodney Square or we sometimes take the train to Philly.

Have you ever been to Never-land?(laughs)

That guy (Michael Jackson) scares me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Stuck in Delaware somewhere, that place is like a magnet.

Now is your chance to show some love.

My family for letting me travel and being able to do the thing I love, Cairo and Paul Sharp at Popwar, Dave at Fairman’s, all my sponsors (Nike, Ricta, Volcom), Ohiodave for helping me out through the years, the BFOM Crew (Brothers From Other Mothers), all my friends, and God. Thank all of you for making life so enjoyable.

Last question, What do you think of Ohio?

F-Ohio! The only good thing about Ohio is the Drew Carey Show!

F-Ohio? F-you, this interview is over!