Active Am 2006

David Loy is having a heck of a year. Top ten at Tampa Am, then he wins a birth in the Dew Tour finals where he made it to the finals. He had photos in the mags, and now he’s wrapping up the year by winning Damn Am and Active Am. A year ago no one had even heard his name. As Dave Duncan would say, this kid is no joke.

The first ever Active Am went down on Sunday and was an exclusive invite only event. Twenty-five of the best ams in the game were invited—Nick Dompierre, Antwuan Dixon, Tony Cervantes, you know the names—and had the course to themselves, a welcome change to the usual chaos that overruns contests. The best part about Active Am was that it was a jam session format. No single runs where the skater has to organize a routine for a minute with all eyes on them. There were fifteen minute heats where five or six skaters would just shred, take a breather, then shred some more. It was great and made for a much more exciting contest. After five heats the ams were narrowed down to six finalists—Nick Dompierre, Justin Figueroa, Sean Malto, Terell Robinson, Tony Cervantes, and David Loy—who had one last heat. Nick Dompierre was on fire doing 360 flips and backside bigspins down the big double-set and huge nollie backside flips and backside flips over the hip. Tony Cervantes definitely gave David Loy a run for most air time with huge airs over the death hip and also back lips on the double kink rail and back 180 airwalks down the double-set. In the end David Loy’s relentless attack of the course was the showstopper. 5-0s and feebles across the top of the vert quarterpipe between the death hip, hurricanes down rails, and a massive air over the entire death hip to flat. David was awarded five Gs with Dompierre in second and Cervantes in third. It’s official, the little brace-face is killing it. Congrats, David!—Blair Alley

The Final Results

1. David Loy ($5,000)

2. Nick Dompierre

3. Tony Cervantes

4. Justin Figueroa

5. Sean Malto

6. Terell Robinson

TransWorld Best Trick

1. Marquise Preston ($2,500)