Once again Active threw a massive am contest in its homeland in Southern California’s Inland Empire. This year they had it smack dab at its head quarters in Mira Loma. Tons of companies came out to support, give out free stuff, and in general, a good time was had by everyone that came out. Product tosses were pretty much going on constantly throughout the day, and there was a mini street course for the fans to skate when they were too hyped from the contest to watch anymore.

Peep the video here!

The invite-only list of amateur rippers was a who’s who of tomorrow’s pros, the Neil Heddings approved course was top notch, and the skating didn’t disappoint. Peep the photos below and stay tuned for videos and sequences of all the nuttiness. Marius Syvanen’s backside nosebluntslide on the extension won him $1,000 for best trick and was the gnarliest trick of the day. Brandon Westgate consistently crushed the whole course with ridiculous pop and flick to win first. He kickflipped the double-sided Euro gap pyramid twice in a row! The tall and stylish Andrew Langi mixed his flip tricks on the pyramids with his insane tranny skills on the extensions and quarter pipes to bring home second. Daryl Angel was killing the rails with a fakie ollie back lip, and even a fakie five-0 and deservedly got third. As the winners were being announced, Brad Staba dove from the top deck into the stack of product boxes for no real reason, perhaps judging in the sun all day had driven him to such a stunt. The crowd rejoiced and headed for the afterparty. Stay tuned for videos and many more photo galleries very shortly.