Active Blingfest 2004

Once again we held our Annual Blingfest 2004 Best Trick Contest in Rancho Cucamonga. This year we had well over 3,000 people attend the event, not quite as big as Woodstock, but we’re getting there. This year to co-inside with our Best Trick Contest, we had a stage set up for a show with the bands; Thrice, the Colur, Rufio, and Shaunticlair. I didn’t get to see much of that but from what I heard form the band’s fans was that they all played great.

The Best Trick Contest had a bunch of skaters hucking themselves down the King Rail handrail for lovely cash and prizes. Some that participated were, Darrell Stanton, Leo Romero, Bastien Salabanzi, Devine Callaway, Patrick Melcher, Andre Genovesi, and of course, Billy Marks. The MC of the contest was none other than Mic-E Reyes. The judges of the contest were Jason Phares (Deluxe Team Manager), Quy Nguyen (Analog Team Manager), and Mic-E.  

In case you didn’t already know, the judges’ votes were in and Billy Marks won kickflipping his life away onto a handful of tricks on the rail. He pulled a 360 flip lipslide to fakie, kickflip boardslide, switch flip boardslide, and kickflip lipslide just to name a few. Billy won $2,500, KMC/Toyo rims and tires, an Epiphone Guitar, Line 6 amp, and 10 items of his choice from the Island/Def Jam catalog. In addition, Andre Genovesi placed 2nd and won $1,000 for doing a switch backtail. Darrell Stanton also did a bunch of tricks and landed himself 3rd place and $500. Andre and Darrell also get to pick out a bunch of music from the Island/Def Jam catalog.

Overall there were more skateboarders than you can name in an issue of 411, and that’s the way we like it. Some of the other names that showed up were; Jamie Thomas, Erik Koston, Heath Kirchart, Arto Saari, Johnny Layton, Jon Allie (last year’s Best Trick winner), Lance Mountain, Andrew Reynolds,Chico Brenes, Peter Ramondetta, Mike Carroll, Mike York, Adam Alfaro, Ray Barbee, Ragdoll, and way too many others to name.—Erica Yary

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