Active Golf Tourney

It was that time of year again when Active put on their golf tournament in an aid of charity. That meant that TransWorld SKATEboarding went up against The Skateboard Mag. Before we tell you the result let it be known that TransWorld was without their star man Jon Holland who was frantically in thestudio putting the finishing touches to A Time To Shine. Needless to say we lost by two strokes—even our ringer Scott Mcgardy couldn’t make a difference. MVP went to Koston who turned it on big time down the back nine, sinking 24-foot putts for eagles and generally blazing a trail that even left Lee Dupont in awe. Talking of Lee, don’t let this new haircut fool you—he maylook like a dodgy uncle, but he can still hit the a drive 300 plus. Thanks to Shane Wallace for making this happen—there’s always next year right? We’re coming back—Skin