Like a lot of us (except Prince maybe), Nestor Judkins goes by two names and, well, those two names were killing it during S&C. But, if there are any two other names he could go by, they would be Morrissey and O’Brien. Whether it’s the soft-spoken Morrissey-like demeanor, a cardigan that would be fitting for the Pope of Moap… or a natural wave of hair at the front of his head that pays homage to both Moz and the ill-fated late night talk show host, it’s difficult to look at him without both of those names popping into your head. So, I asked him about it for another round of stupid S&C sidebars…

I couldn't help but notice that you bear a resemblance to two famous people?

I'm thinking Morrissey O'Brien.
[Laughs] Nice!

Which one do you think you look like more—Conan or Morrissey?
Uhhh, I'll take Conan. I'll take Conan, 'cause he's funnier. It's a more fun person to look like.

Yeah, you don't want to carry all of Morrissey's pain on your shoulders.
Yeah. I don't want to be thought of like that. I like them both, but I'd rather be like Conan.

Have you ever gotten any of those comparisons?
I have heard both of those, actually. I thought it was funny that you put both of them together, though. It used to be more Conan, when I was younger. Now it's turned into more people calling me Morrissey. I don't know.

I'm guessing Conan was when you were younger and in your more awkward stage?
Yeah, yeah, when I was younger and I wasn't really sure what I was doing with myself. I got a little older and grew into myself, I suppose.

Conan's awesome, but he's got a distinct look. Wouldn't want to look exactly like him, I don't think.
Well, luckily, I'm a little bit of both, I suppose.



As a good friend of Nestor’s and master lensman, it made sense that Kyle Camarillo joined the adidas crew for Skate & Create. Having filmed iThink and enjoi’s Bag of Suck, he lent his skills to the project. So, I took the chance to figure out why, exactly, people call him Creepy Kyle.

So, Kyle, how come everyone calls you Creepy Kyle?
It’s not how it sounds, actually. When I first started filming, I’d go out with Joe Brook. I didn’t really know where to stand and how to stay out of the way, so I’d start moving in and get in his shot. So, Joe would always be like, “Kyle, you’re creepin’… You’re creepin’, Kyle.”

It’s not because you’re a sketchy guy or weird around the ladies, then?
People have asked me about it, thinking I’m actually pretty creepy. But, no, it’s just from Joe. Over time, it caught on and a lot of people started calling me Creepy Kyle.