adidas Skate & Create: JT, Lighting Expert… Composer


Disclaimer: This doesn’t really have anything to do with skateboarding, unless you realize that most of the awesome things in skateboarding are the weird things it puts in front of you just because you do it. But, if it’s of no interest, look at the other gazillion pages on

Black boogers, long hours, setting up, breaking down—the warehouse wore down the lighting guy, JT, almost as much as it did the skaters and everyone else. One of the weirder people in the building, JT spent his spare time talking to himself, riding an electric scooter around and, it turns out, composing bits of music—a fact I figured out when I picked his brain about his S&C experience.

Is this what your normal day job's like?
Yeah. I do this [lighting] and then I compose music, miserably.

That's how you keep your…
Sanity. That's the only word for it. I also do magic tricks like this [holds out index fingers on each hand and hits hands together so he has two fingers on one hand].

What kind of music do you compose?
You wanna hear the twisted part of it? I don't seek it out. It just kind of comes to me. Picture shower songwriting, okay? Like, I just make it up. This week, I did one. It's just three notes.

It's like a punk song or something.
No… it's not like a punk song.

No, I don't mean you play punk. I mean, it's just a simple three notes or chords.
Okay. Yeah, it's simple… although I already have two good punk songs under my belt.

Daniel Johnston, one of the people JT’s music kind of, sort of reminds me of (a little).

Okay. Do you just play on your own?
Yeah, no music classes. I play piano—just tinkering.

If you were ambitious enough, you could hear a fully orchestrated piece of crap.

Well, where can I find one?
Internet. Oh, here. This is not a piece of crap. Wanna hear not a piece of crap? [hands me his phone to listen to song]

Picture a stream. This one's called "Ten Mile Creek," because that's what I grew up by [to listen to the song, click here].

You know what it reminds me of?

Not entirely, but it’s kind of, sort of like Daniel-Johnston… but without words.

JT owns and works at Available Light.