He might be more concerned with a wooden bike, a light-up toy that looks like an atomic Gobstopper or his dog, but at two, Busenitz's son, Rune, has more access to the professional skateboard community than most of us, riding around with one of the fastest skaters in the world and going on tour with pros from a myriad of companies. So, I thought I'd ask him a few questions about S&C and the insider perspective.

Rune, what do you think about Skate & Create?
Boo bee-a da!


Ah ha?
Ah haaaaa.

Do you think dad's skating pretty well?
Ah yee, danz is ska'in' wah.

George Cutright [US TM]: Tell us more.

Do you like the concept?

Mom: You want to talk about papa skateboarding?
Bo-pa. Pa skay.

George: Tell us about Gary.
Papa and Gary.

What's Gary like?
Gary's good.

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