adidas Skate & Create: Silas Baxter-Neal, Tagger!


Out from his home in Chicago, Silas took on the workingman's roll for this S&C due to an injured ankle. That didn't mean he didn't put in some sweat and blood, though. You couldn't tell it through his half-shut lids and bloodshot sclera, but the same determination that gets him through multi-kink handrails lies behind those eyes of his, even when he's painting. Beer-in-hand, he helped set up every obstacle and paint from floor to ceiling. Turns out he's had bomber practice…

Have you ever worked as a painter?
A little. Mostly I just helped my parents paint stuff at home. I tried to be a tagger for a while.

Yeah, I used to bomb spots and throw up pieces.

I would never think you'd be into that.
Yeah, I got busted once, too.

What happened?
I was putting up a piece with some friends and got caught when I was 18.

Was it your first time?
Yeah, first time.

Did you get out of it?
I got out of it alright, but it was my first time for that. I mean, I had a bunch of other charges for other stuff—little things like trespassing and possession.

You've put in a lot of work here, man.
It's been a rough one. Nice though. I've learned a lot about lighting and painting—building shit most of all. I kind of know how to build shit, but it's always ghetto as f—k. It was nice tagging along with Check [from California Skateparks] because he knows how to do that shit.

What's the best tag you've seen go up?
Oh, I don't know. I can't really remember. It's not the best tag, but I've always thought it's funny how every time someone new-to-it gets a can of spraypaint, they draw a cock and balls. I think that's hilarious.

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