adidas’ Tim O’Connor Roast

Last night at the Shout House in downtown San Diego, friends gathered to watch the ultimate sh-ttalker get grilled on stage. adidas provided free drinks to make sure the crowd was loose and Chris Nieratko was the evening’s roast host. Stefan Janoski went first and was a little nervous but at least had the balls to get up there. Tim meanwhile was heckling all of his roasters so much that they eventually had to take his mic away. Rob Brink was the most prepared roaster and absolutely slayed the crowd with a good ten-minute set. Serious stand up comedy! He dissed everyone from Biebel to the Habitat team and escaped without getting his ass kicked. Pancho Moler grew up with Tim in Dirty Jers and dragged his set out a little too long, but the more awkward it got, the funnier it actually was. Omar Salazar was tripping out on his voice in the mic rather than wrecking Tim, which ended up being one of the funniest bits of the night. Reese Forbes got his chance to lay into Tim on why he never shuts the f—k up. And finally, Tim got his chance to reply to all the jokes, and the veteran funnyman came correct calling everyone out. You could say the night was hit and miss, but even when the guys sucked at comedy, it was still really funny and entertaining. Great idea adidas! And oh yeah, it was the release for Tim’s signature “colorway” adidas shoe too!

Just watch the video and check the slideshow!