Adventures in Salba Land

Words and photos by Mike O’Meally

Around St Patrick's Day, I had the pleasure of accompanying Six Stair Productions and Fairfax locs Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols all the way out to the hallowed ground that is Salba Land. Along the way we ran into Steve Bailey and Lance Mountain and a few friends. Upon arrival we were put straight to work by Lord of the Pools – Sir Steven Alba, who then proceeded to do what lords do and that is lord over everything, lights deathbox, stairs, cameras – action! Keep your eye out for some upcoming spots on Fuel TV shot by Rick and Bud and featuring Salba, Lance, Curren Caples and others. Some beefier photos coming in the 'mag.'


Salba gets the pump ready after not a word was spoken, while entering the property. Consider him the Silent Lord Pool Assassin.


Even the legendary Lance Mountain has to do his chores before he gets to shred. It was 11A.M. and already about 88 in the shade. Not bad for a guy with a titanium rod in his arm and its 'Buckets 'o fun!' Mr. Mountain doing his duty while Lord Salba surveys the serfs. Note the industrial strength gloves.


No stranger to a bucket full of filth, Rick Charnoski gets to work.


After some good old-fashioned hard work, its time for a rest in the shade before the fun really begins. Joey Tershay in the house!


And here's how the fun starts: a traditional game passed down over centuries of pool shredding. Roll the stop sign over the drain hole. Closest to the muck pit wins. As is the custom, His Highness Lord Salba takes first turn.

Next up – Mr. Coan Buddy Nichols who had a smooth delivery but not close enough to the hole. An eternal complaint!

Next after, Sir Robert Lance Mountain with a bit of a googly.

Joey Tershay with a righteous slider. Six inches from the hole – and we have a winner!

Serious business out there. When you don't make stairs first try, you have to answer to the Lord, and get straight back in there and do it again. Hands down be damned!


Charno checks his toes with a stylish backside smasher over the box.


Eject, Eject! Coan Nichols gets horizontal for a second over some slippery stairs. Fortunately he pulled the shoot in time and he was Ok.


Charno on the other hand, not so lucky. Next time someone tells you skaters are pussies, tell 'em to huck themselves head and shoulders first into an empty swimming pool, and see how fast they get up. First words calmly out of Charno's mouth within 2 seconds of slamming: "I have a concussion and I think I broke my collar bone." This kid is tuff as nails.


This is what you look like after busting your head. Lance's T-Shirt a harsh reminder: you got to pay to play.


After the Wednesday Woe, it was back again on Friday. Salba going over the light and the box with a frontside gouger, while Buddy gets it up close and personal with the Super 8.


This guy Steve Bailey is rarely without a smile, and he rips so smooth like a ripe avocado.


The all American Auteur, Coan Buddy Nichols gets it all on Super 8.


Fun in the shallow end, Salba gearing up for an 8-wall line.


And a high 5 from Bailey – he got it!


Don't let the resting position fool you, at 47 years old, Lord Salba is as strong as an ox and fast like a cat. Thanks for a great day Steve, can't wait to come back again!