Aesthetics Premieres Ryde Or Die!

It was time to RYDE OR DIE as herds of the skate heads showed up to check the new Aesthetics video in Hollywood, California on the night of December 11, 2001. The venue was packed, Clyde Singleton was the graceful host, and everyone was amped to see the vid. It was the normal “when’s the video starting?” scene until Clyde got on the mic to thank everyone for showing up, and then the video blasted onto the big screen. First thing that you’ll notice in the video is that the editing and filming were really clean, and the Aesthetics skateboarders have some real skills and are seriously under rated¿these guys rip! Joey Pepper and John Igei showed off their east coast casual style with flowing lines and tech tricks, while Kevin Taylor skated fast with power and tore it up. Clyde’s part was also definitely on point and it was good to see his original style on the screen once again. But then came the curtains, and the curtains went to Rob Welsh! Damn! Rob seriously caught a lot of people off guard. His manual tricks at pier seven were ridiculous and his part will supply rewind material for days, plus his pop-out smooth style was definitely pleasing to the eye. All in all it was great time, and thanks to Aesthetics filmer Barret Loose we’ve even got a little quicktime teaser for you to check out!