All Over The Radar: Miller, Eldridge, Langi, Peterson, Wallin

All over The Radar
Here are a few more unused photos with links to some banging parts.—Dave Chami

Matt Miller, 360 Flip

Matt Miller
This photo is from a filming trip to Salt Lake City for the DC Skateboarding Is Forever video. Matt’s 360 flips are up there with the best of em, you’ll find more than one example (including the photo above) in this part.

Pete Eldridge, Switch Crooks

Pete Eldridge
The master of switch, here Pete lays down a switch crooks in Denver while filming for his TransWorld part in Hallelujah. I remember seeing his part in the Bootleg vid for the first time and being just blown away, still holds up strong today.

Zach Wallin, Backside Lipslide

Zach Wallin
Zach is the silent assassin of the enjoi am squad, here he backside lipslides through a narrow gap. Check his part in Tiltmode’s Bonus Round.

Andrew Langi, Hardflip

I’ve been sitting on this sequence of Andrew for a while now, it’s from when he was filming for his part in the LRG video below, an awesome breakthrough part.

Clint Peterson, Backside 360 Ollie

The footage of this was on the internet faster than I could get it off my memory card. Clint has a great backside 360 and a gang of video parts under his belt but here’s one of my favorites, his part in the TransWorld vid Let’s Do This! (which also closes out with a bangin back 3).