All Terrain Vehicle Trailer

ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE: Riley Hawk, John Fitzgerald, Robbie Brockel, Dee Ostrander, Marius Syvanen, & Willis Kimbel in Portland, Oregon



Ledge skater, tranny skater, hesh guy, tech dude: those antiquated subspecies and categories are blurring faster than ever right about now. Long gone is the idea of a one-dimensional skateboarder who can only step to one type of spot or surface. There's a new breed of all-terrain vehicles on the prowl, born in the harshest of concrete bowls and let loose on the wild streets. Like more refined versions of Wade Speyer, John Cardiel, and Alan Petersen before them, the kids jumping down massive handrails and gaps are the very same ones charging padless inverts on giant vert walls. With that in mind, we assembled five of skateboarding's most well-rounded ams and shipped them up to the rugged Pacific Northwest for a week to meet up with fellow ATV Willis Kimbel and aggressively attack everything in sight. Home to some of the most intense concrete parks and roughest, weathered street spots in the world, Portland, Oregon, served our crew well. And after seven days with the troops, it became painstakingly obvious that we really are experiencing a new age in skateboarding. Welcome to the dawn of the ATV. —Kevin Duffel