Am Getting Paid, Day 1

Summer’s definitely over. The brisk weather in Montreal was nothing to the locals, but coming from a long, hot summer in Southern California, and having to wear a jacket for the first time in a long time, it was basically brick. But Montreal is amazing, so who really cares. Thursday was practice day at the Southparc skatepark in Brossard, right across the river from downtown Montreal. Apparently in Montreal, a practice day doesn’t mean an afterparty was unwarranted. So off we went to Blizzart’s in downtown for a full Zoo York afterparty complete with DJs and beautiful ladies galore. The local Montreal skaters claim they’ll put their women up against any city in the world. After one night on the town, it’s obvious why. Unafraid to overdo it on the first night in town were Justin Williams, local distributor, Raj, and Mike and Philip from Orkus Skatepark. Chad Dickson is in town for the contest and he also has a part in Yesterday’s Future that is premiering Friday night. Chad stuck it out the longest and partied until 5 am yet managed to be at the park skating early the next morning—damn.

Friday, the first day of qualifying was overwhelming much like Tampa Am. Loads of kids flying around everywhere. The organizers and MC had their work cut out for them getting all the heats run on time, but everything worked out alright. Full results will be posted on the site soon, but here’s who you can put your money on early: Ted DeGros, Thomas Parent, and Dustin Montie. There were a lot of other rippers but those three definitely stood out. Not to mention a whole ‘nother day of qualifiers tomorrow. Tonight Yesterday’s Future is premiering at Studio Juste Pour Rire in downtown Montreal. Full report on that plus more qualifying tomorrow.

Check the slideshow to the left for all the photos.