Am Slam #3 Chula Vista Video

Stop number 3 in the Am Slam contest series presented by SunDiego, Vans, Zero and Woodward West went down in Chula Vista, California. The kids put it down again at stop number 3. The Overall top 5 from each division are battling for the chance to go to the finals at the Vans skatepark at The Block in Orange County in November. The winners of the finals will get a one week stay at Woodward West. Check out the latest video and results here.

13 and Under
1. Rene Serrano
2. Zach Saraceno
3. Alexis Ramirez
4. Chase Barney
5. Eddie Sablan

14-16 Division
1. Peejay Encina
2. Eric Winkowski
3. Diego Navarez
4. Lance George
5. Christian Ramirez

17 and Over
1. Patrick Swiggs
2. Joshua Briggs
3. Dolan Stearns
4. Antione Page
5. Chris Brilliant

Open Division
1. Bryan Chapo                 $500
2. Brendan Villanueva     $300
3. Jake Hill                         $200
4. Diego Najera
5. Ivan Ortiz

Trick of the Day

Ivan Ortiz: frontside bigspin off the waterfall