And Now Skateshop Premieres

Tommie Zam from The Finest Skateshop in St. Petersburg, Florida sent us these photos of his shop’s And Now premiere. Did your shop have one? Send us the photos and we’ll post em up!

What up! On Aug. 1st 2008 we had a video premiere of And Now new video from Transworld. There was between 30 – 50 kids that showed up to watch the video. Red Bull showed up to give the kids free drinks & trust me, they were wired up for the premiere. As the video started the kids where clapping (not ’cause they were wired up with Red Bull) because they finally got to see the video.  I talked to some of the kids & they were stoked on the video & I asked them who had the best part. Alot of them said Richie Jackson, Sean Malto, & some just said everybody had a good part. So when the video was over, we had a raffle & they ran out to go skate.--Tommie Zam

Allied Boardshop in Escondido, California put on a premiere and Kenny Hoyle came out to sign autographs:

Disk8, Eastern Boarder, and Holy Roller premiere pics:

Find N Grind in Austin, Texas sent this:

“the video premier was at the broken neck D.I.Y. Punk Venue July 30th has a 25 ft.wide 5 ft.high ramp.with 2 extension which are 6 ft.
Our friend lee brooks DJ the night. cause he broke his ankle and didnt want to be a dead beat at the party. it was also our friends b-day so we made it a joint event. the session started around 6:30 p.m. paused for the video then when on till 3 a.m. here are some of the photos from that night as the beer kept going, so did the opportunity for photos.”

Find N Grind photos:

Shelter Skateshop sent this:

“Shelter had the AND NOW premiere on July 31, 2008. We had 75-100 skaters show up at least 2 hrs earlier than the movie. Everybody was hyped especially on the Richie Jackson and Sean Malto but Nick Trapasso and David Gravette definitely made some new fans with their parts. We had a free raffle for TWS tees and videos while we also had a mad scramble for stickers. Thanks and we look forward to next year’s vid.”

Shelter’s photos:

Here’s what the shops had to say:

We had between 30 – 35 skaters.  I expected more, but I think the temperature kept them away.  It was 104 outside and around 110 in the skatepark.  People cheered and yelled at the tricks being thrown down.  I took a couple of pics.  One is during the video and the second is a group shoot after the video with just a hand full of the skaters that were on hand.  Thanks for letting us be one of  the premiere venues.

Byron Dykes
Holy Roller Skatepark & Shop
3400 Industrial Drive
Bossier City, LA 71112

Everything at the premiere went well.  A huge success!!  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera.  Kids were stoked on the video and the parents thanked us repeatedly for hosting this event.

Thanks again,

The District Sk8 Supply
Cedar Park, TX

We had a pretty awesome turnout for the premiere!  We have been working on this little skate park at the church nearby and had the grand opening and the premiere the same night!  The kids loved the video. You guys yet again did an amazing job.  The crowd's favorite was definitely Richie Jackson.  I attached one pic of the crowd at the premiere. We stopped everyone from skating and threw my big tv up on a mini ramp and showed the video.

Thanks Alot,
Gator Board Shop
Sebring, FL

We are working on a little video for youtube of our best trick contest we held in the theatre of the premiere.  Everyone loved the video and it is constantly playing in our shop right now!  One person said it was the most original and innovative film he has seen in a very long time.

I have a little blog on myspace recapping the event I will send it along with our video.  The Winner of our Best trick contest was Timmy Knuth with a Kickflip-Back-Krook- front board-shuvit out captured on two video cameras.  Aside from that there were many other amazing tricks that the kids were throwing down.  The obstacle was a bank to box with a rail on top 3 foot drop off the rail and a large bank to drop in to get speed.

David Dunlap
Disk8Sk8 Shop
Melbourne, FL

Find n Grind Skate shop had a unique premiere set up.  They showed each TWS film they had in chronological order up to the premiere of And Now.  In between videos, kids were asked trivia questions about different skaters from the old videos  to And Now.  After the viewing, everyone grabbed their boards and headed out back where a few obstacles were put together and a fun skate session went down.

Find n Grind Skate Shop
Corpus Christi, TX

Eastern Boarder, Natick, MA

We had a tent set up outside the shop that day for an outside sale so we ended up showing the video under the tent right next to the skate park.  I'd say about 40 kids showed up and everyone was stoked on the video.  You guys did such a great job on this.

I threw some of the tees out to the kids and ran a special, tax free sale on DVDs and TWS tees.  The kids by far liked Richie Jackson's part the best.  One of our skaters, Big Mike, does similar tricks to his so everyone at the premiere was stoked on that type of style.
We still have another premiere coming up at our Wilmington location so we're looking forward to it.

Double Wide Surf and Skate
Hampstead, NC