Andy Macdonald Sets World Record

Fifty-two-foot backside grabs, 41-foot 360 grabs, and 29-foot kickflip melons? How is that possible? Thanks to Swatch watches, who helped with construction costs and Team Pain, who constructed the monstrous ramps, Andy Macdonald fulfilled his dream of setting a world record for longest distance on a skateboard on Tuesday October 12. 1999 at a secret location in East Lansing, Michigan.

The project involved not only weather delays, but ramp modifications, as the initial roll-in appeared to be not fast enough for Andy he suggested the roll-in be built to 41 feet high for the record setting attempt. That new roll-in, with the help of ten-foot kickers at the bottom, helped propel Andy over four cars to set a new distance record of 52 feet ten inches. Among Andy’s other notable distances set that day were a 41-foot 360 grab and a 29-foot kickflip melon grab.

The whole event was documented on film and will be turned in to the Guiness Book of World Records for next years edition. Congratulations to Andy, yet another skateboarder setting world records. Keep an eye out for Transworlds SKATEboarding magazines complete coverage of the record setting event.